DIGITAL SKETCHBOOK Selected thoughts and experiments in code using OpenPose, LIDAR scanners, photogrammetry, slitcanning and other. 

Interview with Nieves Guerra at Los Placeres de Lola Group interview project conducted at UC3 de Madrid. The final deliverable took the form of a short documentary film about sexual education in Spain.

FILM PHOTOGRAPHY A selection of black and white film photographs taken in Pittsburgh,Les Vosges, Madrid, Cabo de Gata, Almeria and San José.


DIGITAL DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY Photographs taken in Essaouira, Aït Ben Ouarzazate, Tanger, Washington District of Columbia and Oslo.

SEM PHOTOGRAPHY Microscopic study of a butterfly’s wing.

THIS IS IT A study of America’s fast food culture with an Edgertronic High-Speed Camera.

JROD Main Stage Visuals

Documentaion of concert visuals commisioned by JROD for his mainstage performance at Thrival Innovation + Music Festival. The visuals were made using slit-scanning in processing.

DEJA-VU Hand drawn animation.

THE PERMANENCE OF ENGRAVING Book I created about progressive memory loss. The text is a list of personal memories that was gifted to me by a loved one. As you flip through the pages, the content and the memories get eaten away, creating a cavity within the book. The writings are laser cut, creating negative space, or more symbolically, representing the engraving of memories.

METRO SKETCHES Selected sketches I did every morning on my commute from Madrid to Getafe for a duration of 4 months.