DIGITAL SKETCHBOOK Selected thoughts, experiments and interesting mess-ups in code. 

FILM PHOTOGRAPHY A selection of black and white film photographs taken in Pittsburgh,Les Vosges, Madrid, Cabo de Gata, Almeria and San José.

SEM PHOTOGRAPHY Microscopic study of a butterfly’s wing.


DIGITAL DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY Photographs taken in Essaouira, Aït Ben Ouarzazate, Tanger, Washington District of Columbia and Oslo.

THIS IS IT A study of America’s fast food culture with an Edgertronic High-Speed Camera.

DEJA-VU Hand drawn animation.

THE PERMANENCE OF ENGRAVING Book I created about progressive memory loss. The text is a list of personal memories that was gifted to me by a loved one. As you flip through the pages, the content and the memories get eaten away, creating a cavity within the book. The writings are laser cut, creating negative space, or more symbolically, representing the engraving of memories.

METRO SKETCHES Selected sketches I did every morning on my commute from Madrid to Getafe for a duration of 4 months.