"A to-go coffee cup that tells you where to go"

For the Carnegie Mellon University BUILD 18 hackathon, our team brought to life a pop up coffee shop concept in collaboration with Constellation Coffee (Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh). Destination Constellation creates a unique and branded experience for every customer by drawing unique computer generated maps on to-go coffee cups. We took home the Sponsor's Choice Award and a $500 Innovation Award from Lockheed Martin.


When customers order their pour over coffee, they give their name and answer a few personality questions in our store front app. While they wait, they watch our CNC robot draw a custom design onto their cup. The cup now contains customized directions and a map to a unique location in Pittsburgh, designed to evoke the coffee shop's signature constellation. The customer leaves with a unique artifact to remember their experience by and a place to journey with coffee in hand.

For this concept, we were inspired by the role that Constellation Coffee plays in the community. Constellation is nestled in-between many Pittsburgh neighborhoods, and has an important role as a gathering place to share culture, events and discoveries. The coffee cups represent the role of the coffee shop and the barista in the community: they give you the ins and outs of the city. We believe Pittsburgh has much to offer.

I was responsible for creative direction and the content on the cup itself. The tireless nature of robotics presents an opportunity to produce a large quantity of drawings. Drawings can be generated based on contextual information such as name, weather, date and time, news headlines, photographs, etc. The shape of the coffee cup itself is a unique canvas, and it is a medium that will make it out into the world and be seen by many. The disposable coffee cup is an icon of a mobile lifestyle, that will naturally travel with it’s owner into a wide variety of settings.

From left to right below.

Westin Lohne - Human Computer Interaction '17
Chloé Desaulles - Visual Arts & Neuroscience '19
Thomas Eliot - Electronic & Computer Engineering '16
Arun Marsten - Music & Information Systems '16
Sascha Demetris - Mechanical Engineering '16

The Constellation team winning the Lockheed Martin 500$ Innovation Prize