What Do You Wish 
You Could Get Away  
With Saying?


The Frame Gallery, Pittsburgh PA


What do you wish you could get away with saying? is a data visualization piece, providing people a platform to say what they think in complete anonymity. The outcome of this piece could be unpredictable, immoral and almost harmful, as it could be inviting people onto a stage to propagate their hateful beliefs. However, I fear that depriving individuals of their freedom of speech because we judge their opinion to be wrong is infinitely worse.

This piece was made in response to the recent presidential election. Donald Trump's unanticipated win on November 8th spoke volumes about the society we live in. What shocked me the most was having to confront the knowledge that so many of us were too sheltered in our closed environments, too sure of our own convictions, to notice how the world was actually evolving around us. We refused to listen to those who needed to be heard and completely denied them the right to express their own opinions. Those who thought alike were loud and countless and those who didn't, kept to themselves, resulting in misleading polls.

In order to complete this project, I needed to collect a first round of data using Google Forms to come up with the most commonly chosen categories. I then taught myself css/html and web based data storage (by far the most challenging aspect) in order to build a constantly evolving data visualization.

It is not because you have not heard it that it does not exist.
There is no weapon more powerful than knowledge.
This tool is meant to provide it to you, anonymously and uncensored.

Note: The documentation of this project is still up and running, but the online data storage server no longer updates answers.