I am a creative technologist and researcher from France and Germany, working at the intersection of programming, video, biology and design. I am a rising senior at Carnegie Mellon University, pursuing an interdisciplinary degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and New Media Art.

My work revolves around the intersection of narratives, media design, cognition and scientific processes and how those fields can be translated through technology. I am most interested in the gaps that exist between people and disciplines and the unconventional ways they can be bridged. 

Things I'm into :
Comfy and funky socks, hiking, biology fun facts, debating, experimental capture, board games, stinky cheeses, maps, data visualizations, brains, amber ales, inquiry, language and thought, drawing, books, interactivity, the notion and representation of time, dining in bed, outdoor concerts, cinema, space.

I will be spending the summer in Brooklyn working for Studio Ijeoma on a data installation depicting infectious diseases and income inequality in NYC.

My Lox Bagel & I


Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any inquiries!
e-mail: cdesaull@gmail.com