laisser passer le temps/avoir du temps/prendre son temps/perdre son temps/vivre à contretemps

I’m a NYC-based, Franco-German raised, computational artist, filmmaker and researcher. I work at the intersection of filmmaking, programming, neuroscience and media design, with an inclination towards emerging technologies. I hold an Interdisciplinary Bachelor from Carnegie Mellon University in Neuroscience and New Media and an additional minor in Intelligent Environments.

I’m often drawn towards emerging tech and how it can be used to tell visual and journalistic narratives about people. I’m interested in constructing frameworks where the analog and digital can interact in complementary ways, often surrounding themes of family, memory and home. As a rule of thumb, I believe influential and successful work stems from curious inquiry, experimentation and research. 

    Mercury Records @ Universal Music Group
    Museum of the City of New York
    Studio Institute

    Nonfiction Research
    Thousand Fell
    Thrival Innovation + Music Festival
    The Coding Train
    Golan Levin for the Frank-Ratchye Studio for Creative Inquiry
    Contributor on the the open-source Synopsis project

Currently working as an experiential designer and creative technologist for clients in luxury, fashion and tech at DE-YAN.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any inquiries! I’m always available for freelance work in creative direction, video work, creative tech, curation and consulting.

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You can view my resume here.

And if you would enjoy reading some nerdy neuroscience research on gender and memory, you can do so here

New York Independent Film Festival (Official Selection for ‘Dedications I-V,’ 2020)

Raw Science Film Festival (Finalist for ‘Dedications I-V,’ 2020)

Jellyfest Film Festival (Semi-finalist for ‘Dedications I-V’, 2021)

Dumbo Film Festival (Semi-finalist for ‘Dedications I-V,’ 2020)

The Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry (Residency, 2020)

Miller Institute for Contemporary Art (Group Exhibit, 2019)

Freiburg Kunsthalle (Group Exhibit, 2015)

Bryght Young Things : Crew Love Showcase (BYT, 2020)

Depthkit Workshop (FRSCI, 2020)

Phi Beta Kappa (Honor Society, 2019)

Dana Birnbaum Award (Exceptional Work at the Intersections of Art, Media & Technology, 2019)

Leadership Recognition Award (Carnegie Mellon University, 2019)

Dietrich Humanities Prize (Selected for ‘Dedications I-V,’ Carnegie Mellon University, 2019)

Artist Talk (’The Tale of the Brooklyn Pastram’, Processing Day Pgh, 2019)

Frank-Ratchye Fund for the Arts at the Frontier (For ‘Dedications I-V,’ Studio for Creative Inquiry, 2018)

Sponsor’s Choice Award (BUILD 18 Hackathon, 2016)

Lockheed Martin Innovation Award (BUILD 18 Hackathon, 2016)


Small Victories Photobook (Boooooom, 2020)

Great Escapes: Creative Stylist Rachael Wang’s Favorite Short Films (Penta, 2020)

Director Interview with Chloé Desaulles (NYC Independent Film Festival, 2020)

BYT Crew Love 04 (Brygth Young Things NYC, 2020)