Miscellaneous documentation of photogrammetry work and 3D captures of things that that move and fascinate me.

Documentation in progress, many more coming soon.

001. Creation of a 3D model of Britney Spears’ iconic drop using concert footage from the artsist on a rotational platform.

002. J-Lo capture from her spinning around a dance pole at the Super Bowl.

Volumetric portrait of three roommates on a bed.

Stills from research/tests for my ongoing volumetric short film, Le Plus Haut Des Sapins (Coming Winter 2021). I’ve been incredibly interested in the process of digitizing nature, as of late.

Excerpt & stills of a 24 min video retracing the walks taken over the course of a week from my home to 61C café (Pittsburgh, PA) as a response to grief, rendered with photogrammetry in the form of a 3D walkthroug and displayed on LookingGlass.

Treatments of a 3D model of my grandma’s favorite flower.

In progress renders of the meal I often feel the most homesickness for, the 4 A.M., post night-out, Döner Kebab.

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