Snap Partner Summit 2021-2022

Role • Creative Technology Concepting / Experiential Design for DE-YAN
Event • Snap Partner Summit, May 2021
Location • The internet

Worked on creative technology concepting, branding, virtual conference AD, and design of the 2021 virtual keynote and website, pushing boundaries of broadcast production and XR experiences. Working with a global team of artists at DE-YAN, Snap, Unreal Engine, and XR Studios we brought to life a digital forest based on California State Parks and filled it with wonders from SNAP’s impressive suite of AR tech. Some of this project is under NDA, so feel free to contact me directly if you would like to know more about my contributions at

For this project, I largely specialized in the introduction of AR narratives for visual storytelling.

You can watch the keynote here.

Role • Art direction and concepting. VFX team : Nikola Dragojević, Sava Kesic, Zoran Radulovic & Luke Parker.

How can we subtly introduce Snap as a leader in AR, explain complex concepts to an audience lacking in tech literacy and integrate AR moments seamlessly into visual storytelling ? Thinking about new AR wearables and how they can be presented in an honest, realistic but still exciting way to a consumer and trying to explain its 3D FOV from the perspective of a 2D screen.


Role • Art direction and concepting. Graphic design : Dušan Miletić, John Portis & Neo Zhang. Motion design : Sohyun Park & Luke Parker.

The identity positions Snapchat as a social media platform that  grew into the industry’s leading Augmented Reality innovator, making use of past branding elements from SPS19 and SPS20 and evolves them into newer, more complex forms. This concept allowed for wit and cross-summit branding consistency while symbolically representing Snapchat’s evolution and growth. 




Role • Art direction and creative technology concepting. VFX team : Nikola Dragojević, Sava Kesic, Zoran Radulovic. Graphic design : Dušan Miletić, John Portis. Motion design : Sohyun Park.

The goal for this keynote was to extend the previous year’s concepts and branding into the world of makers and virtual production, removing the curtain and situating the keynote in reality and physical environments (in a post-covid world). This was used as a platform to introduce and demo their new consumer drone technologies to aid in navigating real world space to aid in creative production.

Thank you to Snapchat, Evan Spiegel and DE-YAN Studio for the fun years spent on the Snap accounts.