Worked alongside Special Cirucmstances (Rahul Somani and Anton Marini) as a fellow to develop the open-source, machine-learning-driven video editing software Synopsis. My contributions to this project include design and film consulting, dataset building, workflow and UI prototyping and documentation. More information on the project can be found at

Synopsis is a suite of open source software for computational cinematography - tools that help the creation of visual media.

Synopsis is built to help editors, artists, indie film makers, a/v developers and creators do what they do best - tell stories, make experiences and build amazing tools.

Synopsis is made by creators for creators, not to replace them.

SYNOPSIS ANALYZER. Creates visual fingerprints of of every frame of your content - like a video bar code or unique visual id - and embeds these fingerprints in a standard Quicktime metadata track right along your video and audio. Analyzer also creates an aggregate global fingerprint to identify the entire content of your media - a Synopsis (get it?) - allowing quick search, comparison, filtering and comparison of media. No side car files to manage or get lost.

SYNOPSIS INSPECTOR. Lets you browse, sort, compare, filter and find similar clips in an intuitive modern interface. You can use Inspector in conjunction with other applications to speed up clip selection, organize your content or find alternate takes of shots.


List of selected projects executed using the Synopsis open-source software.

Michael Kors - The Walk (Shanghai) by Anton Marini