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Thrival Innovation +
Music Festival

Role: Creative Technologist
Timeline:  2 weeks

Documentation of a series of artist, staff and press passes, as well as public access bracelets, created in collaboration with Max Plummer and commissioned for the 5th edition of the Thrival Innovation and Music Festival. This year's festival took place between 09.29.17 - 09.30.17 at Carrie Furnaces, Pittsburgh, PA.


Thrival is an annual, Pittsburgh based event featuring multiple days of immersive, innovation-focused programming capped by a two-day outdoor live music experience. When they started in 2013, they welcomed their first 2,000 attendees. In 2016, their numbers grew to over 16,000. This year, Thrival was able to welcome big names such as Wiz Khalifa, Logic, and Two Door Cinema Club onto their stage.

Our pass designs were created using photogrammetric 3D models of candy and superposing their associated polygon meshes in Unity.


Sequential Twizzler Shots


Staff & Press Badges + VIP Bracelet

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